Annotated Trees, Shrubs, and Vines of the Texas Hill Country

Jan Wrede's Trees, Shrubs, and Vines of the Texas Hill Country is a great book for identifying common wild Texas plants. I've gone through it and identified which plants have edible or medicinal uses as well as which are toxic. These designations are listed below. Eventually the plants in this list will be linked to pages on my website for full details on how to eat them.

p.70 Pinyon Pine EDIBLE
p.71 Bald Cypress TOXIC
p.72 Maple EDIBLE
p.73 Box Elder EDIBLE
p.75 Chinese Pistache TOXIC
p.76 Aromatic Sumac EDIBLE
p.77 Flameleaf Sumac EDIBLE
p.78 Desert Sumac EDIBLE
p.79 Evergreen Sumac MEDICINAL
p.80 Poison Ivy TOXIC
p.81 Possumhaw Holly EDIBLE (tea from leaves)
p.82 Yaupon Holly EDIBLE
p.88 Texas Barberry EDIBLE
p.89 Agarita EDIBLE
p.90 Nandina EDIBLE
p.91 Trumpet Creeper TOXIC
p.92 Desert Willow MEDICINAL
p.93 Anaqua EDIBLE
p.94 Tasajilo EDIBLE
p.95 White Honeysuckle MEDICINAL
p.96 Japanese Honeysuckle EDIBLE
p.97 Coral Honeysuckle TOXIC
p.98 Elderberry EDIBLE
p.99 Rusty Blackhaw EDIBLE MEDICINAL
p.100 Texas Bindweed MEDICINAL
p.101 Wild Morning Glory MEDICINAL
p.102 Lindheimers Morning Glory MEDICINAL
p.103 Alamo Vine TOXIC
p.104 Rough Leaf Dogwood EDIBLE
p.105 Buffalo Gourd EDIBLE MEDICINAL
p.106 Texas Persimmon EDIBLE
p.107 Texas Madrone EDIBLE
p.109 Bush Croton TOXIC
p.110 Chinese tallow Tree EDIBLE
p.111 Huisache MEDICINAL
p.112 Catclaw EDIBLE
p.113 False Indigo EDIBLE
p.114 Texas Redbud EDIBLE
p.116 Texas Kidneywood MEDICINAL
p.119 Retama EDIBLE
p.120 Honey Mesquite EDIBLE
p.121 Eve’s Necklace TOXIC
p.122 Texas Mountain Laurel TOXIC
p.123 Spanish Oak EDIBLE
p.124 Lacey Oak EDIBLE
p.125 Bur Oak EDIBLE
p.126 Blackjack Oak EDIBLE
p.127 Chinkapin Oak EDIBLE
p.128 Shin Oak EDIBLE
p.129 Post Oak EDIBLE
p.130 Live Oak EDIBLE
p.131 Lindheimer’s Silktassel EDIBLE
p.132 Witchhazel MEDICINAL
p.133 Texas Buckeye TOXIC
p.134 Pale Buckeye TOXIC
p.135 Canyon Mock Orange EDIBLE
p.136 Pecan EDIBLE
p.137 Little Walnut EDIBLE
p.138 Spicebush EDIBLE
p.139 Turk’s Cap EDIBLE
p.140 Rose Pavonia EDIBLE
p.141 Chinaberry TOXIC
p.142 Carolina Snailseed TOXIC
p.143 Bois d’Arc EDIBLE
p.144 Texas Mulberry EDIBLE
p.145 Red Mulberry EDIBLE
p.146 Elbow Bush EDIBLE
p.147 Texas Ash EDIBLE
p.148 Wax Leaf Ligustrum TOXIC
p.149 Bracted Passion Flower MEDICINAL
p.150 Spreadlobe Passion Flower MEDICINAL
p.151 American Sycamore MEDICINAL
p.152 Old Man’s Beard MEDICINAL
p.153 Redroot MEDICINAL
p.155 Green Condalia EDIBLE
p.156 Carolina Buckthorn EDIBLE MEDICINAL
p.157 Coyotillo TOXIC
p.158 Jujube EDIBLE
p.159 Mountain Mahogany MEDICINAL
p.161 Blanco Crabapple EDIBLE
p.163 Creek Plum EDIBLE
p.164 Escarpment Black Cherry EDIBLE
p.165 Pyracantha EDIBLE
p.166 Dewberry EDIBLE
p.167 Common Buttonbush MEDICINAL
p.168 Wafer Ash MEDICINAL
p.169 Prickly Ash MEDICINAL EDIBLE
p.170 Cottonwood MEDICINAL
p.171 Black Willow MEDICINAL
p.172 Western Soapberry MEDICINAL
p.173 Mexican Buckeye TOXIC
p.174 Gum Bumelia EDIBLE
p.175 Purple Sage MEDICINAL
p.178 Linden Tree EDIBLE MEDICINAL
p.179 Netleaf Hackberry EDIBLE
p.180 Cedar Elm EDIBLE
p.181 Slippery Elm MEDICINAL EDIBLE
p.182 Common Beebush MEDICINAL
p.183 American Beautyberry EDIBLE
p.184 Texas Lantana TOXIC MEDICINAL
p.185 Chaste Tree EDIBLE MEDICINAL
p.186 Mistletoe TOXIC MEDICINAL
p.188 Virginia Creeper TOXIC
p.189 Winter Grape EDIBLE
p.190 Mustang Grape EDIBLE
p.192 Texas Sotol EDIBLE
p.195 Buckley’s Yucca EDIBLE
p.196 Twist Leaf Yucca EDIBLE
p.197 Spanish Dagger EDIBLE
p.198 Dwarf Palmetto EDIBLE
p.200 Giant Reed EDIBLE
p.201 Greenbriar EDIBLE

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